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Melaleuca Attain GC Control

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Attain GC Control Caramel Flavor

The Need

The statistics are alarming–one of every three adults in America already exhibits metabolic syndrome, and more than one-fourth of Americans, 65 years or older, are diabetic.

Competitive Solutions

Many people have never heard about metabolic syndrome, but they have gained weight and noticed a decrease in energy. Perhaps their physician has recommended prescription drugs for high blood pressure or abnormal cholesterol levels. For some, an annual exam has revealed a fasting plasma glucose level over 100 mg/dl, and the doctor has talked with them about prediabetes. Even at that stage, there is still time for lifestyle changes–smarter eating, regular exercise, and getting serious about weight loss–to help, but old habits die hard. And the next step in this cluster of problems, now known as “metabolic syndrome,” is the onset of serious disease.

The Melaleuca Solution

Melaleuca formulated Attain GC Control to help you maintain healthy blood glucose and insulin levels. When you utilize GC Control as a healthy snack or meal supplement–part of a lifestyle plan that includes proper diet and sufficient exercise–you are making positive changes that can result in significant and long-lasting benefits to your health. Melaleuca customers are reporting increased energy and previously unattainable success at losing weight by implementing this commonsense strategy. Have you yet tried Attain GC Control? If so, what results have you experienced?

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